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Los Angeles: local v national governing

Feb 21, 2015 | No Comments

Janice Hahn, D-Rep from the Los Angeles area, has decided not to run again for her Congressional seat next year …

Freret Corridor, New Orleans

Feb 16, 2015 | No Comments

Now that we are on the last legs of Carnaval 2015 the New York Times naturally has focused attention on New Orleans.  In the column Surfacing, Jordan …

What’s it like to be in Alabama right now?

Feb 14, 2015 | No Comments

My family is from Alabama, a county so rural and off everybody’s map that it defines “nowhere.” I …

Bob Simon and David Carr

Feb 13, 2015 | No Comments

To lose the great Bob Simon in a stupid car crash on the West Side Highway was shocking.  To read the news of David Carr’s death yesterday seemed …