Is New York Creative…And Will It Stay That Way?

David Byrne has written a worthy piece on the state of New York City ( ?This is a topic of constant conversation among New Yorkers who care about what happens here – and those who vote. ?The current administration and the one before have contributed to the city’s well-being in different ways. ?But both have valued the wealthy over the weak. ?There is little housing left for even the middle class much less the poor. ?The education system is still a mess. ?Mayor Bloomberg will leave us with more pedestrianized streets and better parks but each one of this good works has been a top down decision with little or no public input or approval. ?Most of us have become used to and even embraced smokeless bars but it would have been nice to be asked. ?Like Giuliani, he doesn’t seem to believe in persuasion when he knows he’s right, which is all the time.

Can creatives stay in New York? ?Can anybody who isn’t as Byrne says, the 1%? ?The almost certain next mayor, Bill DeBlasio, has stated that we must not resign ourselves to a city based on inequality. ?Let’s hope in he can find ways to put that thought into practice. ?The future of New York City – and many others – depends on it.

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