Creativity and the City

Please join us for this provocative program at Baruch College on April 2, 2014 at 6.30 pm.

April 2

CREATIVITY AND THE CITY: The Arts and Profound Change?

?We cannot be a democracy if the power of imagination is allowed to become a luxury commodity.” *

Great cities big or small are receptive to the best talents wherever they may come from which in turn fosters creativity and innovation. The success of a city is determined not only by its ability to expand opportunity for all its citizens economically but to give them the freedom to imagine the unexpected and the possible.? The arts broaden our vision of the world and open us up to imaginative experiences of the other and ourselves.? Do the arts mattter to a Mayor who is primarily focused on issues of equity?? We will focus this discussion on how the arts, broadly defined, with their potential for critical and creative thinking can support this Mayor in realizing his vision.

Panelists: Fran Kaufman, Curator, Arts Advisor/Kaufman Vardy Projects, Jonathan McCrory, Director of Theatre Art, National Black Theatre, Dan Nuxoll, Program Director, Rooftop Films, Jolle Greenfield, Artistic Director, TENET NYC

Moderated by Linda Lees, PhD, Director, Creative Cities International, LLC

*Kristen Case, University of Maine at Farmington, Chronicle of Higher Education

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