The Laundromat & Caitlyn Jenner

As I was stuffing my sheets into the machine at my local laundromat in Harlem today I noticed behind me an older African-American woman wearing a dashing amethyst colored sequin top under her warm jacket (it’s freezing in New York) tending to her clothes.  I told her I thought the top was terrific and she said thanks that everyone in her family loved sequin tops.  I returned to stuffing my sheets and then she said something to me which I didn’t quite get so I turned around and she was jabbing her finger at the Daily News pointing to today’s news-making photo of Caitlyn Jenner.  I said yes I had seen it.  She kept jabbing and said whatever makes people happy that’s what they should do.  And that was that.  We went our separate ways.  In the laundromat.  In Harlem, New York.

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