We support you.  By putting culture and community at the heart of urban innovation, we solve problems and deliver practical solutions for sustainable and creative urban regeneration.

We apply the Vitality Index™ (VI), our groundbreaking research on cities and how people live in them, to help you rethink the planning process, economic development, and public policy.

The VI is a tool that brings the best and most direct answers to urban challenges.

The VI brings to life a city’s human strengths as it underscores its social, cultural, and economic complexities.

OUR NEW INITIATIVE…Culture is the oxygen of cities

CCI will be launching an initiative in the coming months to present via our website projects in film and video whose focus is on the creativity running through our cities and the people who make that happen.  Please contact us if you are working on projects around this subject matter.



We are a global team of the most dynamic and experienced practitioners in culture and urban planning, market and financial analysis, architecture, transportation and the creative industries.


Cities are revealed most clearly through their creativity, which prompts understanding of the past and contemplation of possible futures.  They are moods and energy, history and aspirations.  With the  Vitality Index™ we can measure these intangibles with the help of cultural indicators and rigorous analysis and argue for their value – social, economic, and cultural – in city life.