Alan Rickman, romantic hero

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This is not about cities.  But it is about a human being who inhabited one.  The news of Alan Rickman’s death was as shocking to me as if he were a close friend.  I cannot explain that except to say that I loved his work.  Even without knowing what a cosmically wonderful and generous friend […]

Cities & migration

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A big topic to explore.  Vox gave an excellent breakdown of the refugee crisis in numbers in a December 2015 blog,  It ended by saying, “That’s the size of the challenge that the world faces today with displacement — and with no clear solution in sight.”  Fine for a blog post but cities have to […]

Dance, skate, enjoy

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There are so many wonderful things about this short video it’s hard to know where to start.  It would be easy to look at this portrait of skaters in Golden Gate Park as another freaky San Francisco “event” but that would miss the point of this tribute to dancing, skating, and the human spirit.  Definitely […]

The Laundromat & Caitlyn Jenner

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As I was stuffing my sheets into the machine at my local laundromat in Harlem today I noticed behind me an older African-American woman wearing a dashing amethyst colored sequin top under her warm jacket (it’s freezing in New York) tending to her clothes.  I told her I thought the top was terrific and she […]

New York has a real subway

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David Bacon writes a great photo essay about the New York subway, a love letter to the subway in fact which some may find hard to believe.  Sometimes it takes an outsider to remind you.  Have a look:

Smart Cities & People

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The Smart Cities concept is great for joining up systems.  The companies that promote the Smart Cities concept are also selling their technology.  Nothing wrong with that but important to keep in mind.  Efficiency matters.  Cities need to save money and find better ways to serve their citizens.  But as I watched the troubles in […]

Preserving Beirut: Ruin & Revival

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In a fascinating article, David Lepaska vividly describes the current state of ruin and revival in Beirut.  The impulse to save the remaining 20 percent of historically valuable buildings has come from the people who live there and with support from private money and local government cooperation.  This is a must read piece.

Los Angeles: local v national governing

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Janice Hahn, D-Rep from the Los Angeles area, has decided not to run again for her Congressional seat next year reports the LA Times.  She’s been in office since 2011.  She says that with the current non-legislating that goes on in Washington she can better represent her district from a seat in the powerful Los […]

Freret Corridor, New Orleans

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Now that we are on the last legs of Carnaval 2015 the New York Times naturally has focused attention on New Orleans.  In the column Surfacing, Jordan Michael Smith points particularly to a renewed neighborhood once known only as Freret Street it has now become in city planning parlance a cultural corridor. Freret Street meet Freret Corridor. […]

What’s it like to be in Alabama right now?

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My family is from Alabama, a county so rural and off everybody’s map that it defines “nowhere.” I wasn’t born in Choctaw County but I’ve spent lots of time there.  So the series of positive headlines about gay marriage stun me.  I’m encouraged and actually proud.  And while the sorry state of things in Ukraine, […]