CCI is proud to release the Vitality Index report and ranking of 35 cities in the United States.
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When you measure variables not normally measured, when you analyze data not normally analyzed, when you ask questions not normally asked, then you begin to grind a new lens with which to examine the issues at hand.

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The Vitality Index is a cultural impact study that posits a framework encompassing both the language of the technical specialist and the everyday language of the citizen. Its goal is to interpret qualitative or vitality factors with the same kind of rigor that is applied to quantitative factors. It is flexible and allows for change and growth. It reflects a sense of the city, community, or project from the perspective of the people who live there.

The Vitality Index is produced using a mixed methodological approach which combines key informant insights with survey data. It begins with quantitative factors including trends, costs, services, and measures of creative infrastructure which result in a ranking. From there, the assessment is further refined and made specific to each city, community or project through responses to questionnaires from the relevant local agencies and surveys of residents. Currently, 35 U.S. cities are included in the first Vitality Index ranking.


The Vitality Index gives guidance to cities to continue to support programs and policies that are clearly and verifiably enriching the lives of their citizens in economic and cultural ways and also give them pause about pursuing policies that don’t or won’t.

Coupled with on-the-ground assessments, the VI can assist cities with policy and investment decisions, focus on new infrastructure and community developments, devise new business and tourist attraction approaches, encourage community interaction, and build consensus. It can help uncover opportunities, stimulate and test new ideas.

THE VITALITY INDEX REPORT AND RANKING was launched on July 20, 2011.

Future editions of the VI will include cities from the Americas, Europe, and Asia.