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Smart Cities & People

The Smart Cities concept is great for joining up systems.  The companies that promote the Smart Cities concept are also selling their technology.  Nothing wrong with that but important to keep in mind.  Efficiency matters.  Cities need to save money and find better ways to serve their citizens.  But as I watched the troubles in …

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Preserving Beirut: Ruin & Revival

In a fascinating article, David Lepaska vividly describes the current state of ruin and revival in Beirut.  The impulse to save the remaining 20 percent of historically valuable buildings has come from the people who live there and with support from private money and local government cooperation.  This is a must read piece.

Los Angeles: local v national governing

Janice Hahn, D-Rep from the Los Angeles area, has decided not to run again for her Congressional seat next year reports the LA Times.  She’s been in office since 2011.  She says that with the current non-legislating that goes on in Washington she can better represent her district from a seat in the powerful Los …

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Freret Corridor, New Orleans

Now that we are on the last legs of Carnaval 2015 the New York Times naturally has focused attention on New Orleans.  In the column Surfacing, Jordan Michael Smith points particularly to a renewed neighborhood once known only as Freret Street it has now become in city planning parlance a cultural corridor. Freret Street meet Freret Corridor. …

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What’s it like to be in Alabama right now?

My family is from Alabama, a county so rural and off everybody’s map that it defines “nowhere.” I wasn’t born in Choctaw County but I’ve spent lots of time there.  So the series of positive headlines about gay marriage stun me.  I’m encouraged and actually proud.  And while the sorry state of things in Ukraine, …

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Bob Simon and David Carr

To lose the great Bob Simon in a stupid car crash on the West Side Highway was shocking.  To read the news of David Carr’s death yesterday seemed unreal.  Fifteen years apart in age but connected in their commitment to great stories, their honesty, their insight, and their superb writing.  They both set the bar …

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Social Inequality PDF here

My article on social inequality and the myth of innovation districts is available here as a pdf: ?HowSocialInequality?and online here:?  

Social Inequality and the Innovation Myth

Part one of my article, “How Social Inequality And Other Inconvenient Truths Could Upset the Innovation Apple Cart” is now up on the inpolis blog which is the brainchild of Ares Kalandides. ?Please have a read: ?  

Fred Schwartz and Sir Peter Hall

Fred Schwartz, architect, and Peter Hall, urbanist, have been friends and advisors to CCI from the beginning. ?Fred died in April at the age of 63 and Peter died in July at the age of 82. ?Both were men of enormous achievement and humanity. ?Their bios will remain on our advisory board for some time. …

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Partnership with PROINTEC

CCI is happy to announce its partnership with PROINTEC, an engineering and architecture firm based in Madrid. ?From their website: ?”Founded in 1970,?PROINTEC?is a multinational company reference in the fields of engineering and architecture that also provides consulting services in the areas of infrastructure development, urban planning and environmental review. PROINTEC is the parent company …

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