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Cities and Flow

In The Opinionator ( blog of the New York Times, Richard Carrick wrote about “flow”, the concept developed by Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, a psychologist trained at the University of Chicago, and now teaching at Claremont Graduate University in California where he is also director and founder of the Quality of Life Research Center. ?Mr. Carrick, a …

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My Neighborhood

I live in Harlem. ?Not Central Harlem but South Harlem which real estate developers have tried unsuccessfully to name Soha. ?I am about a block and a half from the northern boundary of Central Park at 110th Street. ?The chic development of Harlem is not where I am. ?It’s a couple of blocks over on …

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Thatcher and Consensus

Among the massive commentary that is flowing around the legacy of Margaret Thatcher what interests me most was not just her disinterest in building consensus but that it was anathema to her. ?Maybe it was part of the time as some have suggested – there were plenty of things to oppose – or that she …

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The Rich and The Bleak-Knightsbridge and Belgravia

The New York Times reported in an article on April 1 that tony London sections of Knightsbridge and Belgravia are emptying out not because they lack property owners but because they lack residents of those properties who use them more as hotels for their occasional stopovers than places to live. ?( ?I forwarded this article …

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Cities and citizenship

I am inspired by President Obama’s Inaugural Address to give some thought to the relationship between cities and citizens. ?The President calls on us as ?citizens? several times in his speech. ?The notion of citizen is now generalized to include all who have legal residency in a country. ?As the President said, ?My oath is …

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What happens to the messy parts of Rio in 2016?

An opinion piece?in the New York Times today argues that the Rio plans to vacate through illegal evictions a large portion of the city’s poorest living in favelas in preparation for the Olympics to be held there in 2016: Last month, Unesco awarded?World Heritage Site status?to a substantial portion of the city, an area that?includes …

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Urban/suburban cooperation aids Detroit Institute of Arts

On Tuesday, August 10, three counties in southeastern Michigan, one which contains Detroit, and the other two suburban voted for a property tax, called a millage tax, to keep the Detroit Institute of Arts in business. ?Hardly a fluke, this was the culmination of a long-term strategy to renovate the museum and changes its attitude …

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Jacksonville, FL resident responds to the VI ranking

The [VI] report says, ” they are clearly on the move upward with a sense of self-discovery and identity” describes us perfectly. We have long struggled with an identity crisis. Over the past decade, we’ve been on the journey of finding ourselves as a city and it shows.

Ridgefield Creativity Conference

I participated in a panel discussion on cities at?Advancing Creative Thinking: Imagination to Innovation conference in Ridgefield, Connecticut this weekend. ?Kudos to the town of Ridgefield and its arts council for their commitment to the investing time and money to exploring the many ways large and small that creativity and innovation can be explored at …

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