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Resilient Cities via Rockefeller Foundation

I have just come across this project on 100 Resilient Cities Centennial Challenge. ?These cities will receive support including a Chief Resilience Officer who will coordinate resilience activities. ?I’m not quite sure what this is about but will continue to try to figure it out and report back. ?The global network is a sometimes unlikely …

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De-smogging your photo in China

In Chinese cities where years of wild overdevelopment and disregard for environmental hazards has left people choking – and dying – ?CBS News reports today that in a fit of creativity and perhaps hope there is an app that can erase the smog from your photo. ? It’s possible to see the world as many …

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Creativity and the City

Please join us for this provocative program at Baruch College on April 2, 2014 at 6.30 pm. April 2 CREATIVITY AND THE CITY: The Arts and Profound Change? ?We cannot be a democracy if the power of imagination is allowed to become a luxury commodity.” * Great cities big or small are receptive to the …

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Art, Artists and de Blasio’s New York

Please join us for this program at Baruch College, NYC. ?I list here the first two of the three programs. ?I will be moderating the second and CCI is the co-sponsor for all three. Arts, Artists, and de Blasio?s New York Co-sponsored by the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences and Creative Cities International Mayor …

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Reporting from Times Square

It’s Super Bowl time! ?Okay, I must confess that I am not a football fan. ?I can manage a slight glimmer of enthusiasm for some teams. ?I went to graduate school in Berkeley so I have a fondness for the 49ers. ?I worked for the Obama campaign in ’08 and as a side benefit – …

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“?a sacred mission” to serve the people of New York

Mayor-elect de Blasio at his first news conference today, November 6, 2013, and how he translates his opening remarks into Spanish. ?He is evidently fairly fluent in Spanish and fluent in Italian.

Can a progressive mayor govern?

That is the question everyone including those who voted for him are going to be asking themselves this morning. ?Last night Bill de Blasio scored the biggest landslide that anyone can remember. ?He was a candidate lost in the mix until he ran an ad featuring his son, Dante, with an afro. ?But New York …

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Why Trump in Rio?

In August I attended a conference sponsored by the Creative Cities Group, an amalgam of scholars from the University of Campinas and the University of Madrid. ?Among the participants were political leaders from Sao Paulo and Rio. ?I spoke an activist from Rio about the version of Trump Towers – Trump Towers Rio – being …

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Is New York Creative…And Will It Stay That Way?

David Byrne has written a worthy piece on the state of New York City ( ?This is a topic of constant conversation among New Yorkers who care about what happens here – and those who vote. ?The current administration and the one before have contributed to the city’s well-being in different ways. ?But both have …

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Know Your Audience!

Tonight I saw a screening Captain Phillips, the new Tom Hanks film or Paul Greengrass film, depending on whether you are actor- or director-oriented. ?There was a Q&A following with Hanks, Greengrass, and Barkhad Abdi who were all charming and took the questions seriously no matter how off point or ridiculous. ?After the film, my …

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