Here are the ways the Creative Cities International team can help you.


Our team of international practitioners offers strategic solutions using the groundbreaking research of the Vitality Index plus rigorous expert analysis. We offer strategic guidance to municipalities and economic developers.

Using the principles of the VI and sophisticated expertise our analysis adds the essential element of human capital to contemporary solutions.┬áThis social and cultural dimension – often overlooked – is critical to the success of projects and planning.

We help those in city government, developers, or civic groups and individual citizens understand how people are thinking about their community – what they like and dislike – and what they feel will improve their lives.

With this knowledge you are equipped to make informed decisions towards effective solutions.


Our team shares the CCI approach and perspective through conferences and publications.


  • Cultural and strategic analysis through the Vitality Index
  • Urban planning and economic development
  • Place branding
  • Cultural institution development and planning
  • Architecture, real estate and economics
  • Historical perspective
  • Coaching throughout implementation


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